3 reasons why you should choose us

1. Because we blend high-quality ingredients to manufacture first-class dry dog foods at low cost

Every Pet is worthy of getting served with the best nutrition and care. Our products are made with fine quality, flavorful and inexpensive local food products such as meats, vegetables, and grains. Hence, our Pet Foods, without doubt, are reasonable having low cost. Happy Chews Pet Food is aimed to boost the energy, appearance and overall health of your beloved Pets.

China happens to be one of the leading sources as a Pet Food Manufacturers in the US. But, due to early ill-reputed incidents of 2007 concerning Pet Foods, there are still major doubts about the quality and safety of their ingredients.

A report on “A New Investigation into Chinese Ingredients in Pet Food” can enlighten you more on this subject matter; you can get this report through the Pet Advisor by signing up for their newsletter.

By sourcing Vietnam be assured that you will be supplied with only finest quality, healthy and safe Pet food ingredients impeccable for your Pets.

2. Premier quality and nutritious dry Dog Food Products monitored by our experts

For every pet, you will discover an ideally accurate and effective nutrition with our diverse range of products. Be it based on the size, age, lifestyle, breed or to address specific needs; Happy Chews Pet Foods fulfills every need of cats and dogs with supreme nutrition.

All of our Cat Food and Dog Food Formulas are integrated to comprise of over 50 essential nutrients that are precisely balanced to facilitate cats and dogs with much-needed nourishment.

At all times and in all ways, pets are at the center of everything we do, motivating us to always create something superior each time with the integration of modern techniques. We respect their decisive animal nature and distinctive nutritional needs, hence, strive to provide them with excellent quality and highly nutritious Food Products.

3. Our Top Concern- Enhanced Quality Control and Assured Safety

Our quality and safety systems concerning Food products are high-tech and we will continually invest in such new advanced technology to uphold that. We have a trusted ingredient sourcing with suppliers designated through a rigorous process that just doesn’t end with our first purchase; we inspect every shipment of ingredients delivered to us at manufacturing facilities to precisely cross check its quality and safety integrated to make Foods for cats and dogs. Every month, thousands of quality investigations are executed individually at every plant. There are also detailed tests to check for any Salmonella, Melamine, and Mycotoxins that are risky for the Pets. Final manufactured product is also thoroughly tested before shipping it to our valued customers.

All the manufacturing procedures are strictly carried out under BRC, FDA, HACCP, SGS Standards to meet all of their quality requirements. We export our products to the two topmost markets in the world, USA, and Japan, hence, are confident that only optimum quality nutritious Pet Foods will be provided to you!

C-TPAT Program Eligibility

Our manufacturing facility firmly abides with the C-TPATsecurity Program to improve the whole process of supply chain and its performance to sidestep any possible risks of loss, robbery, and illegal import of goods that could be hosted by terrorists.