Quality is the first thing that tops our list of Objectives; we persistently endeavour to provide first-class quality products manufactured under innovative and high-tech ambience for our valued customers

Untitled-1-1 - Copy (2) Our Quality Team

We at Happy Chews Co., have a proficient Quality team that constantly monitors and checks for the quality of core ingredients, production processes and final products at each step to ensure first-class worth of products are delivered to our dear customers!

Testing of Products by our experts

Our greatly experienced and knowledgeable team accomplish thousands of quality checks, every month, individually at central labs of every manufacturing facility to nullify any quality hindrances, if found any.

Untitled-1-1 - Copy (3) Trusted Ingredient Sourcing

Fresh ingredients like meats, vegetables and grains, used for the production of our Pet Foods are from trusted local suppliers and are thoroughly checked for quality by our Quality Squad and then passed further for manufacturing initiation.

The raw meat ingredients are thoroughly sterilized several times during proceeding steps of production for safe consumption.

Temperature Intensities

All of our products are manufactured at ideal temperature levels ample enough to kill Salmonella that is proven unsafe for the Pets. Also, there are regular inspections executed to check for the presence of risky Mycotoxins and Melamine proportions as well for the assured safety.

Untitled-1-1 - Copy (5) Safety and Quality Certifications

Happy Chews Pet Food Products are strictly manufactured under FDA, HACCP, SGS and BRC Standards to meet all of their quality requirements resulting in the final product of supreme quality and high nutrition value, absolutely safe for your beloved pets!

All of our labour force is disciplined with individual uniforms, gloves and netted hair caps for each, to safeguard the production procedures from getting adulterated in any possible way.

We make sure, the production surfaces on which the products are being handled are frequently sanitized during the whole day for guaranteed superiority.