Lamex Foods Inc. visited Happy Chews

On 24th April, 2017, Mark Barrett, the Vice Chairman of USA division of Lamex Foods Group and Thao Nguyen, Vietnam Trade Manager of Lamex visited Happy Chews.

Made in Vietnam’ pet products for export is a work in progress

Vietnam’s pet product manufacturing sectors of pet food, pet supplies and healthcare / veterinarian products, for both export and local markets, are in a state of developing. Competition is fierce from an abundance of inexpensive pet products (low to economy

The Untamed Frontier of Vietnam’s Pet Industry

2014 will be considered a benchmark year for pet ownership & industry in Vietnam. The year witnessed the first annual Vietnam Animal Welfare Conference (September) held at the historic Continental Hotel in Saigon. Guest speakers and representatives of local and

Vietnam a source of low cost manufacturing for your pet products

  Also, investigate inexpensive new product development designed for export to major pet markets (North America, EU or Japan) and for local growing pet markets within the economic regions of ASEAN*, which includes Vietnam. There are a number of business

Dog Wins Release From Death Row Thanks to DNA Results

A dog called Jeb, a Belgian Malinois from Port Huron, Michigan, has been exonerated in the death of the dog that used to live next door. A DNA test revealed that Jeb was not responsible for Vlad’s death, and his