Made in Vietnam’ pet products for export is a work in progress

Vietnam’s pet product manufacturing sectors of pet food, pet supplies and healthcare / veterinarian products, for both export and local markets, are in a state of developing. Competition is fierce from an abundance of inexpensive pet products (low to economy price range) manufactured and imported from China. The scale and efficiency of supply chains and low cost manufacturing from China makes it difficult for Vietnamese manufactures to compete.

However, with costs and wages rising in China, Western and Asian (Japan) pet product companies are adopting a China Plus One strategy by adding capacity in Vietnam, or simply leaving China all together, taking advantage of the abundant inexpensive work force with reduce costs in manufacturing. International manufacturers from Japan (Hotta) and USA (RefinedKind Pet Products) have their pet products manufactured in Vietnam through private manufacturing agreements with local Vietnamese OEM companies, where all products are shipped and sold outside Vietnam.

Further, Vietnam is a primarily an agricultural based economy where there are a fair amount of established Vietnamese manufactures that produce food and veterinarian products for animal, aves and aqua livestock, but very few create products for small companion animals (pets). The most notable companies manufacturing healthcare / veterinarian products for pets are Mỹ Phẩm Hoàng Anh (Fay & Palma branded pet toiletries, tick and flea products), Five-Vet (various veterinary medicines) and Bio-Pharmachemie (‘BIO’ brand of veterinary products). Their markets are mostly local but a few companies export to other Asian country pet markets.

Vietnamese Pet Product Manufacturers and Exporters
There a few notable Vietnamese companies that manufacture pet supplies for export and local markets. We will briefly focus on three companies: Kim Binh Minh Co., Tran Danh Co. Ltd. and the handicraft exporter Lien Thang Manufacturer, Investment & Trading Co., However, all these Vietnamese companies do not produce their own brands, they are also multi-functional as Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Distributor.

Kim Binh Minh, established in 2008, built a 850 sq. metre factory with 40 employees in Saigon, with capacity of 50,000 pieces of clothing per month and 100,000 per month of accessories. They produce branded pet clothing, carriers, furniture for the export markets of Japan (Three Arrows & Asuku), North America (Argento SC & Design Lab) and Russia.

Tran Danh was established in 2006 as a manufacturer of textile pet products for cats, dogs and small furry animals (hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs). Products include clothing, carriers and furniture. They export to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Spain and Italy. Tran Danh are also searching for international pet food manufacturers to become their authorized distributor in Vietnam.

A rich handicraft tradition producing handmade, natural material pet products
Lien Thang, established in 2007 in the northern province of Thai Binh in Vietnam has a 3000 sq. metre factory with 150 employees and over a thousand seasonal employees from neibhbouring towns and ‘handicraft villages’. They specialized in wicker, rattan and bamboo handicraft interior and exterior furniture and also produce pet product supplies, including handmade beds and furniture for both dogs and cats, handmade and from natural materials. With a showroom in downtown Hanoi they are available to produce custom orders from original designs. Exports markets include Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, Germany and France.

There are many similar handicraft companies that operate as OEM in the production pet products in Vietnam. Contact the Vietnam Gift and Housewares Association (VIETCRAFT), a government agency that represents over 700 handicraft companies, that are also exporters, for more information.